Layouts & Sizes

Keyboard Sizes

Keyboards come in many different sizes. There's a lot of reasons to choose one size over another but it mostly boils down to your preference. Consider the following:

  • How do you use your keyboard?

    If your work requires a lot of data entry, you probably want to stick to a board that has a dedicated number pad. If you mostly use your keyboard for gaming, maybe a smaller board with easy to reach keys is a better option. Consider what keys you use the most when choosing a size.

  • How customized will your keyboard be?

    If you plan to customize your keyboard a lot, smaller keyboards with less switches and keycaps may be cheaper. However, less standard sizes often have uniquely sized keys. Choosing a keyboard with a smaller-than-normal right shift key can make finding keycaps difficult.

  • Which size fits your needs best?

    Maybe you want a small keyboard you can easily carry with you between work and home. Maybe you have a giant desk and the biggest keyboard you find won't take up too much room. Maybe you just like the way a compact keyboard looks because it's cute. At the end of the day, pick whichever size fits your needs best.

Smaller Varieties