Where to Buy
Mechanical Keyboards

Below is a list of the different types of stores that offer mechanical keyboards and components. Some stores only offer fully-assembled keyboards, some only offer parts, and some offer a mixture of both. For more information on the components of a mechanical keyboard, check out the Building a Mechanical Keyboard page.

Online Retailers

The easiest and most straightforward way to purchase a mechanical keyboard is through an online retailer. Click here to view a list of online retailers or click on one of the images below to visit an online retailer we recommend.


Depending on where you live, you may have a retailer near you that sells mechanical keyboards. One of the best ways to check is to open Google Maps and simply search "Mechanical Keyboard". Google will comb through local business reviews and websites to find mentions of mechanical keyboards near you. If all else fails, try calling any local gaming stores (mechanical keyboards have been adopted by PC gamers) or any stores nearby that sell computer peripherals.

Group Buys

Group buys make custom products and exclusive designs more accessible for everyone. The seller will set up a "run" from one date to a later date. If enough orders are placed during the run, the seller will manufacture and ship the products. If not enough orders are placed, the buyers are refunded and the product is not made. This allows sellers to guarantee they meet their manufacturer's minimum order quantity and may allow for lower pricing.

Keep in mind, if you participate in a group buy the product is not yet manufactured. It can take months to receive your product. Be sure to do your research and make sure you are not being scammed. A safe-to-use and recommended group buy website is Drop (formerly Massdrop).


Like group buys, crowdfunding utilizes and all-or-nothing sales mechanism. Between two set dates, buyers are allowed to "back" a crowdfunding campaign by offering a "pledge" (an amount of money). If the campaign reaches its predetermined funding goal, backers are rewarded based on how much they pledged. If the campaign is not successful, the backers are refunded.

Crowdfunding differs from group buys in their intent. Group buys aim to make a single bulk purchase from a manufacturer. Crowdfunding campaigns generally aim to not only sell an initial bulk order, but continue developing and selling the product going forward. By crowdfunding, you're not just funding a product, you're funding an idea and essentially investing in a business while being promised certain rewards.

Secondhand Merchants

If you're looking for a vintage keyboard or something very specific, try looking for a secondhand keyboard. The most popular community where mechanical keyboards are sold is the r/mechmarket subreddit. Other than that, try checking your local online classifieds or eBay. As always, be sure to be safe when purchasing and try to use a payment processor like PayPal Goods/Services where you can dispute fraudulent charges if necessary.