About MechKeyGuide


I first came across mechanical keyboards browsing desk setups on the r/battlestations subreddit. Lured in by their style, customizability, and aesthetics, I dived into a new hobby. I did a lot of research trying to find a keyboard that fit my needs and wants.

As a newcomer to the hobby, I found the research and learning experience to be tedious. There are many resources available but they are frequently difficult to navigate, incomplete, or outdated. Many are in blog, wiki, or forum formats that aren't the most readable.

It's been a few years since I purchased my first keyboard and though I'm relatively new to the hobby, I decided to put my website-making skills to use and create an online guide. I aim to make discovering the hobby easy for newcomers and to provide resources that are useful for longtime enthusiasts.

As of right now, MechKeyGuide only makes money through its merch shop or tips via ko-fi. In the future I may add affiliate links. If you have any comments or feedback, click here to contact me.